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San Antonio, TX

We have seen Jesus use us to train generational disciple-makers here in San Antonio, Texas, 6 other cities in the US and 3 other countries in the last two years. It is an amazing time to join the Lord Jesus in His work to advance His kingdom for His glory. – Chuck Wood


The Wheel Model

Frank the founder of the Jonathan Project gives an introduction to the wheel. You can buy a copy of his book from Amazon at the link below. Buy now

Changed it!

Flexible and powerful CSS grid layout system to construct content by providing common dimensions

Multiplication Matters

This three minute video explains the importance of multiplication and 2 Timothy 2:2

Take the Hill

In 1 Samuel 14 Jonathan looked at the impossible and believed nothing could hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few. Hill 111 is looking for people like Jonathan who by faith, believe that God wants all people to be swept into his Kingdom. Will you be a part of Take the Hill 111? Watch this video to hear Jonathan’s story.