Take the Hill 1-1-1

Like Jonathan, we want to make an offering to God (Romans 15:16) by taking the hill (1 Samuel 14). The hill that the Holy Spirit has called us to take is to see one million Christian groups among one thousand people groups in one decade (by March 13, 2023).

Christian groups: A group of people who call themselves believers, meet regularly (as a cell group, discipleship group, house church, traditional church, etc.), and obey the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

People group: A socio-ethnic group or population segment among whom a Jonathan is trying to start Christian groups. We especially want Jonathans to engage least-reached people groups.

Jonathan: A person (foreigner or local; any generation: first, second, third, etc.) who is working towards a sustainable church multiplication movement.  

Tracking of Our Progress

Christian groups: We want Jonathans to report the number of Christian groups they start, beginning March 14, 2013.

People groups: We want Jonathans to report the total number people groups they are engaging on the ground through intentional implementation of principles that help multiply Christian groups.


Need: Strategic partnerships are needed for the vision to become a reality.

Partners: People, foreign or local, who arrange for the training of members of a mission agency, denomination, association of churches, etc., who will implement Jonathan principles immediately.

Take the Hill 1-1-1: To see 1 million Christian groups among 1 thousand people groups in 1 decade