Necessity of Multiplication Story

Simple Church

Priesthood of the Believer

Duckling Discipleship

Spiritual Economy

Love Means Obedience

Greatest Blessing

Eyes to See Where the Kingdom Isn’t

Relational Stewardship

Person of Peace

Self-Feeding Overview

Self-Feeding – the Word

Self-Feeding – Prayer

Prayer Evangelism Story

Self-Feeding – Body Life

Self-Feeding – Persecution and Suffering

Chinese Example of Growth through Persecution

Training Cycle Overview

Training Cycle – Model

Training Cycle – Assist

Training Cycle – Watch and Leave

Being Part of 2 Churches


We All Need Jesus Story

Rich Man and Lazarus

Jesus was a Bad Marketer

Abraham was Worth Reproducing

Called to Burma Story

Jonathan’s Faith

Expectant Faith Story

Heroes of the Faith

Bias Toward Action