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Creation to Judgement

Forming Groups and Making Introductions

Disciples worth reproducing

Importance of multiplication

Intro to three thirds groups

Maturity measure

Two spheres of ministry

Persons of peace

Luke 16 urgency and Luke 14 commitment

Prepare your testimony

Prepare to share the gospel

Role play testimony and gospel

Three-thirds group practice

Prayer wheel


Leadership cells

Multiplication principles


Training cycle

Two churches and rabbits

CHAT groups

Simultaneous process

Invest in a few

Final 3-3 group

Review and plan

Sharing these principles

Pep talk

Price to pay

Group debrief



4 Fields Overview

4 Fields Mentoring Guide

Peer Mentoring Guide

Tracking and Reporting

Accountability Partners

Levels of Church

Movements in Acts

More Movements in Acts

Multiple visits

Grouping People

Spectrum Tool

Blanchard Tools

Prioritizing Time

Missions Research

The Remaining Task

Case Study

Baptism and Communion


Closing Thoughts