This course is for those of you who would like to train others in Metacamp Module 1. The transcripts for each lesson in Metacamp is attached to the session. You can use this online video course to bring others through Module 1, or you can do it yourself using the transcripts and a Prezi at the link below. For those of you who don’t know what a prezi is, it is a “glorified powerpoint” that can be used to present module 1. You will need the internet to present it though.

There are some videos as well included in it to add some extra repetition and visuals. Most sections have a debrief included as well. When following the transcripts, there are notes that tell you that you can choose to tell my stories or share your own stories instead of mine.

The nice thing about the prezi is that you won’t have to remember all of the training to take others through it, as it is self explanatory and you can just go through each lesson and do the homework or practice as noted in the lessons. You really don’t even need the transcripts to follow the prezi either, unless you want to tell a specific story. If you want to skip lessons, you can scroll through the prezi and just double click on the lesson that you want to start.

You can also download this Word document: 001__introduction_to_metacamp_by_curtis_sergent

Intro to Metacamp by Curtis Sergeant

Welcome to MetaCamp. My name is Curtis Sergeant…

I’ve spent half of my life in Asia and half of it based here in the United States but traveling around the world. The Lord allowed me to be involved in helping launch a large movement to Christ among an unreached, unengaged people group in Southern China. Ever since then I have invested my life in doing the same thing in other places and in training others to do so as well. I’ve now been to over 100 countries doing this. About three years ago I began to feel badly that while the Kingdom of God is making wonderful advances in many places around the world, the USA is on a long, slow spiritual decline. As a result, two years ago I began adapting my training for a North American audience and making training available here as well. The result is a series of training courses. The one you are about to begin is the first in that series. Already we are beginning to see similar results to what we are seeing elsewhere in the world as the Lord is beginning to expand His Kingdom here in the USA as well.

Until very recently I only did live trainings. When I first made a video version of the training the evaluation was consistent: “we absolutely LOVE the content, but to be honest, the production value is terrible.” That is another way to say, “you are not pleasant to look at, your voice is monotonous, and your skills with video are non-existent.” For those of you who have ever seen me or met me, this is no surprise. I am an extreme introvert and am not an engaging or charismatic person. As a result, some friends offered to make this Prezi version of the training and utilize other peoples’ voices. When some other friends heard about that, their response was, “that’s WONDERFUL!” I was thinking, “thanks, I think…”